Double Ended Vibrating Drildo

Double ended vibrating dildo is a one-of-a-kind toy that allows two people to stimulate their p-spot or g-spot together. It comes in a variety of forms including realistic penises or smooth silicone models that are soft and curved.

It’s naturally designed for penetrative sex with a lover but can also be used for solo pleasure. Getting a feel for this vibe is easy.


The great thing about a double ended vibrating dildo is that it allows for both partners to experience the stimulation of the toy. They are usually a bit longer than single-end dildoes, and are suitable for both anal and vaginal play. Often they feature multiple motors, which can be controlled individually to create various sensations and levels of intensity. They can also be shaped to fit the users anatomy and angled for different penetration experiences. They are a very popular choice for lesbian couples, but can be used by females alone, or with male partners for a more masculine style of intercourse.

They are generally on the larger side, but can be found in a range of sizes and materials. Depending on the manufacturer they may come with additional features, such as remote control or attachments for hands-free dom-sub sex. Some are even able to be sterilised by boiling. It is advisable that you read the guidelines carefully to ensure that any electrical components are not covered by water during the sterilization process.

Another unique feature of a double-ended dildo is that it can be used by one person alone, for pleasure or masturbation. It is a good idea to use plenty of lubrication with any sex toy, but especially when you are using it solo. Many people find this type of toy to be more enjoyable and arousing than single-end vibrators.

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The material a double ended vibrating dildo is made from will play a big role in how comfortable and satisfying it feels. There are a few common types of materials used in dildos including silicone, rubber and PVC. Silicone is a great material for sex toys as it is durable and easy to clean. It is also hypoallergenic and doesn’t harbor bacteria. Rubber dildos are often made with realistic features such as veins and ridges which can add an extra element of pleasure. They can also be a good choice for beginners to DP as they provide a gentler penetration sensation.

PVC is a less desirable material for dildos, as it is porous and can harbor bacteria. It is usually found in cheap dildos that are intended for solo use or as part of a toy set. PVC dildos tend to be stiffer than other types of dildos and may not be as flexible.

When buying a double ended dildo, it’s important to consider both your own preferences as well as your partner’s. Taking the time to choose the right dildo will ensure that you both get a pleasurable experience. For instance, if you are considering anal penetration, it is essential that both of you have full consent and plenty of water-based lubrication. It is also important to communicate with your partner throughout the session and to be careful not to push the clitoris end into the anus too far.

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Ease of Use

A double ended vibrating dildo offers the thrill of penetrating two orifices at once, making it perfect for couples who enjoy anal and vaginal stimulation. You can use it alone by holding the vibe by its middle and guiding both ends into you, or with a partner in a number of positions that include laying on your back in a prone position or sitting on all fours or squatting over the bent dildo to guide it into both of your anuses or vaginas.

Regardless of how you intend to use it, a double-ended dildo requires preparation before insertion. Ensure that both ends are clean and that you have a large supply of water-based lubricant on hand to ease the process and make penetration both comfortable and orgasmic. Apply the lubricant to both ends of the dildo and on your body before you begin.

Once you have everything in place, insert the dildo into your anus or vagina and gently rock it back and forth to move it through each pleasure zone. Remember to be careful and not over-do it, as you could end up with a painful clit injury. Once you’re finished with the dildo, don’t forget to wipe it down and put it away safely. The best double-ended dildos are sturdy and well-made, so you don’t want to accidentally ruin it by being too hasty or rough.


A double ended vibrating dildo is a fun kinky sex toy for anal penetration between two female partners or for solo pleasure. The longer shaft makes it easy to reach deep into the anal canal. To ensure anal penetration is safe, both ends should be liberally coated in a water-based lubricant before the play begins. It is also important that both partners have full consent before engaging in anal penetration. It is also important to communicate throughout the session.

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Depending on the toy’s design, it may have two motors in one shaft or separate ones in each end that can be controlled independently. The toy can also be used with just one hand, or to stimulate the anal and vaginal erogenous zones.

Jaycee Chester, owner of sex toy retailer Overkink tells Bustle that double-sided vibrators can also have different vibration patterns on each end, which can enhance the stimulation experience. This flexibility can add to the excitement of exploring the toy and finding your favorite settings.

When choosing a double-ended vibrating dildo, it is essential to choose a body-safe material that is flexible enough to bend without feeling flimsy or losing firmness. To avoid toxicity, a toy should never contain any phthalates or jelly rubber (although PVC is acceptable). It is also important to check for cracks or cuts in the surface before use, as well as to clean it regularly between uses. A dildo can be washed with a gentle antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner designed for adult toys.

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