Why Won’t My Girlfriend Have Sex With Me?

When a girl won’t have sex with you, it can be hard to figure out what’s going on. People often give advice like “give her massages, cook for her and clean the house” but this can actually backfire.

It makes her feel suffocated and resentful, not attracted. There are several reasons why she might not want sex with you: 1. She’s not in the mood.

1. She’s not in the mood

Having explosive chemistry in the bedroom with your girlfriend is one of the best feelings you can have in a relationship. So it can be frustrating when she starts shying away from sex. Here are a few reasons why she might be doing so.

Some women need a lot of foreplay before they are ready to get intimate. This is especially true for those who have never been sexually active before.

In addition to good foreplay, many women also need to feel safe. If she feels threatened or like you could hurt her, she will likely become very reluctant to have sex.

Another reason why she might not be in the mood is that she may simply be tired. It is possible that she has been working a lot lately and needs time to relax. Alternatively, she might be feeling tired because of hormone changes.

Often, women who are not in the mood to have sex will be nagged by their partners to change their minds. However, nagging is not the way to go. It will only cause her to become more reluctant and will probably make her feel like you don’t care about her. Instead, try complimenting her on her appearance and body to give her the confidence boost she needs. This will help her to remember that you are interested in her, not just her sex drive.

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2. She’s tired

She may have a reason to be tired, but it should not be an excuse. Being constantly tired can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as anemia, thyroid issues or depression. She could also be suffering from stress or sleep apnea. It’s important to talk with her about the issue and find solutions that will help her feel more energized.

She might simply not want to have sex when she is tired, which is understandable. However, you should be aware that fatigue can have a profound effect on your girlfriend’s mood and her ability to perform sexually. If you notice that she’s tired all the time, take her to see a doctor to ensure that there is no underlying problem.

My girlfriend has been tired lately, even with a full night’s rest. She is groggy throughout the day and can’t seem to concentrate in class. She often has to doodle on paper or use her phone during lectures just to stay awake. She says her hormones are fine and she has seen a doctor, but she still feels tired. She’s also been irritable, and every little thing seems to annoy her. She’s become more of a homebody, and she doesn’t even want to go out with me anymore. I think she needs professional help and might benefit from a counselor or psychiatrist.

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3. She’s not comfortable

Women’s sex drives are sensitive to many factors, including stress, fatigue, relationship issues and health concerns. If your girlfriend is not comfortable with the intimacy of sex, it can take her a while to warm up.

She may have been raised in a family or culture that shuns sexual interest, or she may have had sexual trauma as a child or teenager. These experiences can have lasting psychological effects. If she feels guilty about sex, she might not want to have it with you, even if she loves you.

If she isn’t comfortable undressing in front of you or having sex, don’t push her. This will only cause her to feel frustrated and resentful, which will make it harder for her to open up to you in the future.

Instead, try to create a more intimate emotional connection with her. Show her how much you love and appreciate her by giving her attention, touching and kissing her, even in ways that don’t necessarily involve sex. The more she feels loved, respected and safe, the more she will be able to trust you with her deepest secrets. This is a huge step in building intimacy, and can help her to become more comfortable in the bedroom. Also, try to be chivalrous with her and respect her body in general.

4. She’s afraid

A woman will sometimes deny her lover sexual intimacy out of fear. It can be a sign of emotional trauma from her childhood or experiences that she has had in the past. She is unsure whether she can handle the physical aspect of the relationship and may be afraid that she will lose you. She will also not want to go to the logical extreme of telling you that she is denying her love for you by not sleeping with you, because it would force her to think about this and might be painful.

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You will know if she is scared because she will be blowing hot and cold. She will talk about wanting to have sex with you and then she won’t want to. She will introduce you as her special friend or good friend, even though she knows that the rest of the world sees you as her lover. She will try to convince you that she is not afraid by saying things like “I don’t want to get too invested in any relationship”.

Often, she will only let you sleep at her place because it is closer to her house and she doesn’t have to worry about being seen cheating on her boyfriend. She will make excuses for not sleeping with you by saying that she has a movie date or some other reason. If you have noticed that she filters her emotions around you, either by not laughing or smiling or talking about positive things, this is another sign of being afraid to show her true feelings.

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