Best Vibrators For Menopause

Menopause occurs when a woman’s period stops and she is no longer able to become pregnant. This natural transition can cause many physical and sexual symptoms.

Regularly using a vibrator can improve these problems by increasing blood flow to the genitals and improving lubrication. These toys can also help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and encourage orgasms.

1. So Divine Kegel Balls

If you’re looking for a discreet way to strengthen your pelvic floor, this set from So Divine is ideal. The Kegel balls are weighted so that when inserted, they encourage you to clench your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. This helps tone the muscles and makes your orgasms more intense. The Kegel Ball Training Set comes with three interchangeable weights that range from 36g to 96g, plus a handy ‘how to’ guide.

Made from premium, body safe silicone, the Kegel balls are latex and phthalate free. The set includes a luxury storage bag, too. Before using, apply a water-based lubricant to the balls and then position yourself in a comfortable spot where you can insert them easily. You can leave them in for a long time (or just a short amount of time) as you’re exercising your pelvic floor muscles.

The set comes from a brand known for its innovative sex toys and sexual wellness products, which include a Menopause collection that puts a focus on sexual wellness for women approaching or experiencing menopause. The collection was created in collaboration with menopause experts.

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2. So Divine Menopause Classic Vibrator

Many women struggle with pelvic floor muscles during menopause due to a drop in oestrogen levels, and Kegel balls can be an effective tool for strengthening these muscles. So Divine partnered with menopause experts to create this collection, which includes a set of three different Kegel balls in various sizes for progressive training. The brand also has a discreet vibrator in the Menopause Classic Vibrator, which is great for exploring pleasure zones and massaging the clitoris.

It has multiple speeds and vibration patterns, is waterproof, and features a travel lock mode. The vibe runs quiet and has a smooth texture that feels good against the body. This toy is perfect for solo play or can be used with a partner.

Masturbation is beneficial for everyone but can be particularly helpful during menopause. It helps stimulate blood flow to the vagina and vulva, encourages natural lubrication, and increases the chances of an orgasm during penetrative sex. It also boosts immunity, improves sleep, reduces stress, and can be a great way to connect with your partner.

3. Fun Factory Stronic Petite

Menopause can bring with it a loss of sexual pleasure. Luckily, there are tools and techniques available to help reignite the love of pleasure. Whether you want to engage in solo play or share in partnered pleasure, vibrators can increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, make sex less painful and even reduce vaginal dryness.

Vibrators can also be used to improve pelvic floor muscle strength, especially if you are struggling with weakening muscles due to a drop in oestrogen. Kegel balls are a popular choice for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, but you can also use a vibrator to target the clitoris and give you an extra boost.

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A clitoral stimulator, like the Fun Factory Stronic Petite, can be self-propelled for quick little jiggles or hand-held and discreet to provide deeper stimulation. This shorter shaft dildo is easier to hold and hide, making it a great option for those who need something subtle or want to include a clitoral stimulator in partnered stimulation. It provides a subtle pulsation that some may find satisfying, but it’s still more intense than penetrative clitoral stimulation.

4. Fun Factory Volta

Menopause often affects the pelvic floor muscles, but using a vibrator to increase the intensity of self-pleasure can help strengthen those muscles. Kegel balls are a popular choice, but this toy from So Divine is a set of three silicone stacking rings that sit on the end of your partner’s penis and allow you to explore different penetration depths without putting too much pressure on the clitoris.

Fun Factory Volta has a unique body shape unlike other clitoral vibrators, with two tapping tips that look like tongues and can fit around the clit or nipples. The fluttering action and vibration stimulate blood flow, increase sensitivity, and feel best when used with a good water-based lube like Wicked Toy Love.

The soft, flexible silicone feels good against the clitoral ridge and is easy to clean with a sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water. The toy is also 100% waterproof and suitable for play in the bath or shower, which makes it great for partnered sex and a lubricated game of Flirt or Dare. It even comes with a pamphlet that provides creative suggestions for play.

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5. FUN FACTORY Crescendo

While some partnered menopausal women are afraid that intimacy will wane during this time, sex can continue to be pleasurable as long as communication lines remain open and plenty of lubrication is used. Using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation is one option that can help to stoke the fires during sexual encounters and increase vaginal lubrication.

Another way to keep sex pleasurable is by engaging in foreplay before and during sex. Oral sex is also a great way to increase arousal and sexual desire. Increasing anal lubrication can also help to ease the discomfort associated with decreased sensitivity or vaginal atrophy.

Using the Ohnut attachment is a simple and effective way to customize penetration depth. It’s made of four silicone stacking rings that sit at the base of the penetrating partner to create a cushion and reduce pain during penetration. This innovative sex toy is especially useful for those who have a hard time feeling sensation with their partner. It’s available for both female and anal use. MysteryVibe also designed Crescendo to be able to bend into a variety of shapes, adapting to the body for intense vibrations. It is shower proof and can be wirelessly controlled through the MysteryVibe app.

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