Female Arousal Supplements

There are plenty of products that promise arousal for women, but most don’t stand up to high-quality research. Those that do include herbs and nutrients that have been proven to increase sexual desire in several studies.

These libido supplements for women are designed to improve overall sexual performance through a combination of all-natural ingredients. They use tongkat ali, muira puama, l-arginine, maca root, and ginseng to target different areas of the body that impact sexual desire.

Inno Drive: For Her

Designed specifically for women, this herbal supplement supports hormonal balance and sexual vitality. The formula is said to be effective in boosting libido and increasing orgasms. Its blend of aphrodisiac ingredients includes hops, nettle leaf, oat straw, fenugreek, and epimedium. It also contains S7, a natural compound that boosts nitric oxide levels and improves circulation.

Its ingredients also help to lower stress and support hormone balance, which may contribute to a better mood and libido. Additionally, the supplements provide a variety of other health benefits, such as improved energy and endurance.

Inno Drive: For Her is a daily supplement that contains a powerful combination of herbs, plant extracts, and roots to support hormonal health. It contains a variety of nutrients and botanicals, including chasteberry extract, yarrow, horny goat weed, maca root, and ginseng. It also has S7, a non-nitrate form of L-arginine that improves nitric oxide levels and blood flow.

This gummy dietary supplement contains a combination of all-natural ingredients that enhance sexual performance and increase orgasms. It includes a high amount of tongkat ali, muira puama, l-arginine, and ginseng. It also has a combination of adaptogens that can reduce stress and increase libido. It can be taken as a pre-workout booster or before bedtime to enhance sexual satisfaction. The supplement is available in several flavors, each with a different concentration of aphrodisiac herbs.

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Female libido supplements can be an excellent way to increase pleasure during intimate sessions. They can also boost energy, and increase the likelihood of orgasms. Some supplements are designed to support a healthy hormonal balance while others help with specific issues such as fatigue, low sex drive, or mood changes. If you are struggling with a lack of desire, it is important to talk to your healthcare provider about the issue. They may be able to recommend hormone therapy, counseling, or other treatments.

One of the best libido boosters for women is Ember, which contains natural ingredients that work together to improve sexual pleasure and performance. This supplement is made with a blend of herbs such as maca and horny goat weed, which are known to increase sexual desire. It also includes yohimbe, which has been shown to increase blood flow and promote orgasms. The manufacturer of this libido booster states that it will produce results within 20 minutes of taking it, and it is free of any synthetic hormones or additives.

Another libido-boosting option for women is Everest’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, which are vegan and non-GMO. These gummies contain both CBD and THC, which can help improve sexual pleasure for women. They are available in a Blue Raspberry flavor, and they are crafted using high-grade hemp grown in the US.

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Moon Juice Sex Dust

This lusty edible formula alchemized by Amanda Chantal Bacon (founder of Moon Juice, an online and brick-and-mortar health food shop) is a blend of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and natural extracts. The powder—which resembles a dusty jar of powdered cinnamon and comes in a handy little jar that looks like a magic potion—is formulated to promote “a deep sense of sexual vigor, healthy hormonal balance, and creative energy.”

Its ingredients include Ho Shou Wu, an herb that’s commonly used in China to support “normally abundant sperm count in men and the healthy ovaries in women” as well as to stimulate libido. Then there’s Cistanche, a desert plant whose use as an aphrodisiac dates back centuries. It’s also said to treat yang deficiency, which can be caused by stress and poor circulation and help improve fertility in both men and women.

Another intriguing ingredient is wildcrafted shilajit, which supports healthy hormones and a libido boost. Organic Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, ignites desire and strengthens sensation, while organic maca reduces stress and increases energy. And of course, there’s the aphrodisiac-inspiring cacao to boost endorphin release and provide an energy boost.

Moon Juice’s smoky cacao-flavored Sex Dust can be sprinkled over meals and snacks, or stirred into drinks like nut milks, hot water, tea, and coffee. You can even add it to a smoothie or make it into a chocolate bar.

Elm & Rye Female Libido Gummies

Women’s libido typically reaches its peak by the time they reach their 30s, but it can start to plateau during perimenopause or menopause. This is when supplements for female libido can come in handy, helping women to feel the fire again in the bedroom.

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This line of libido supplements for women features a combination of adaptogens and botanicals to increase sex drive naturally and provide long-term results. The gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and made without artificial flavors or colors. They also include the powerful adaptogen fenugreek, which is shown to be effective in increasing sex drive. It’s a key ingredient in this product, along with other plant-based extracts like ginger root, turmeric root, and horny goat weed.

The libido gummies also feature zinc, an essential mineral for female reproductive health. It’s known to improve libido by boosting testosterone levels and decreasing stress, which can impact the sexual drive. The other herbal ingredients in this product are maca root and yohimbe extract, both of which have long been used as natural libido enhancers.

Another benefit of this libido supplement is that it’s formulated with all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any serious side effects. The company also uses ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing practices to minimize the product’s carbon footprint. This is why it’s a top choice for many women looking for a safe and effective libido supplement.

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