Things That Vibrate Hard

There are many reasons why someone might not want to buy a vibrator. They may have kids in the house, or they may be hesitant to spend money on sex toys. If this is the case, then you might be surprised to know that there are many objects in your home that can give you a good vibration.

Objects that vibrate

Some people don’t have access to vibrators, or they’re afraid to use them. Others may have kids and don’t want to risk them finding a sex toy and embarrassment beyond belief. However, there are a number of household objects that can be used as a makeshift vibrator. Nearly all objects will vibrate when hit, struck, plucked, or strummed. They will also produce sound when they vibrate, but only if the amplitudes are large enough to be audible and if the object has a natural frequency within the human range.

It’s best to use a soft, smooth material for the contact surface of your homemade vibrator, such as silk or satin. Lube can also help reduce friction between your skin and the toy. Also, be sure to wear something comfortable and to use a vibrator only on an area that’s safe for it. Otherwise, you could chafe. Chinese meditation balls and Tens units are among the quietest options for vibration, while toothbrushes provide some of the fastest and hardest vibration. You can also try using a detachable showerhead or hot tub jets, but you should be cautious and check that the materials are safe for contact with your skin and can handle lubrication.

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Objects that make noise

Nearly all objects, if hit, struck, plucked, strummed or otherwise disturbed, will vibrate. Some objects will tend to vibrate at a particular frequency or set of frequencies, which is known as their natural frequency. For example, a glass when ‘pinged’ produces a sound that has a specific pitch. Other objects, such as a tuba, have a more complex set of frequencies that are mathematically related by whole number ratios; they produce a rich tone. These objects are often considered to be loud. Loud things may produce sound as a warning, signal, request or celebratory expression, or as an inherent part of a process that expends large amounts of energy such as a jet taking off.

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Objects that make a sound when they crash

When objects crash into each other, they vibrate and produce sound. This vibration is caused by the sudden change in acceleration, and creates rhythmic disturbances in the air. Your ears can pick up these disturbances and perceive them as sounds. You can experiment with this by dropping a few different objects of the same material onto hard floors and listening to the sounds they make. Heavier objects make a sound that is more distinct compared to lighter ones, and hollow or filled objects also make a difference in their sounds.

You can even try this experiment with a partner and see if you can distinguish what object each other dropped, what it is made of, how heavy it is or its shape by the sound alone.

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Objects that make a sound when they shake

Nearly all objects will vibrate when hit, struck, plucked, strummed or otherwise disturbed. These vibrations may result in sound waves that can be heard. When an object vibrates, it usually does so with a specific frequency or set of frequencies. This is called its natural frequency.

Almost anything can be used as a sex toy if you are creative enough. You can use a Chinese Meditation ball, a vibrating stuffed animal or even your cell phone to get a hard and fast vibration pattern. But for the sexiest objects, try a detachable showerhead or hot tub jets.

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