How to Make a Vibrater at Home

Vibrators are sexually stimulating toys that heighten arousal, encourage sex when you may not feel ready for it, and can increase orgasms. Sex experts recommend using body-safe materials and practicing appropriate safety techniques.

Creating your own vibrator is a fun project that allows you to customize the toy to your needs and desires. These DIY vibrators require a few tools but no special skills.

1. Electric toothbrush

You don’t need to invest in a fancy vibrator to get that buzz you crave. Many household objects can do the trick, and some need only minor modification to deliver a sensation that’s as good as or better than a store-bought model.

Among the most common DIY vibrators are electric toothbrushes and shavers. These devices have small motors that produce strong vibrations when used on the clitoris and vagina. They’re also easy to find and usually inexpensive. However, some people may find the bristles to be a bit too sharp for their taste.

Another option is a video game controller, which has a rumble feature that’s often turned on by games. These vibrations can be intense, but the surface of the controller is often covered in germs, so it’s best to play with the device over clothing or a sock.

It’s also possible to turn an old marker pen into a mini-vibrator, using the tip and the battery. Just make sure the used marker pen has no sharp edges, and that the cap is secured on the battery. Then glue the tip to the frame of the motor, and add electrical tape if needed to seal the connection. It’s important to remember that any object used for erotic stimulation should be sanitized and washed before and after each use.

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2. Electric shaver

There are plenty of reasons that might lead you to a DIY vibrator, including the expense of commercial sex toys, curiosity about what’s possible or even just discretion. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself searching through drawers full of old toys, desperate for a way to satisfy your horniness.

Thankfully, there are quite a few items that can be easily turned into a homemade vibrator. Many are body-safe and already found in most households. For example, pillow massagers — either decorative throw pillows or lumbar pillows shaped for back support — make excellent, discreet homemade vibrators. Just straddle it between your thighs or against your head for sensations that can be both intense and orgasmic.

Other improvised vibrators include the ever-popular sonic silicone face scrubbers, which are covered in nubby, body-safe material for amazing texture and intense vibrations. They also work as a great clitoral stimulator, and require no modification at all.

Of course, the best DIY vibrator is one that you can make yourself, and most people have a cellphone that’s able to be used as a vibrator (most new 5G Android phones and iPhones, for instance). Before using your phone, however, it must be configured properly. Start by adjusting the vibrations setting to maximum. Then, remove the phone case and use a medical glove or a Ziploc plastic bag to protect it from bacteria. Finally, apply your preferred lube to reduce friction and ensure a smooth experience.

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3. Cell phone

Everyone who has felt their cell phone vibrate in their pocket knows that the sensation can be quite pleasurable. So why not turn your cell phone into a portable vibrator? It’s actually easier than you think.

Most newer phones are equipped with a vibration feature that can be activated by the user. This feature is designed to provide a feeling of haptic feedback to the user in response to various on-screen events. This can include video game jingles, calls, text messages, and more. The haptic feedback can also be adjusted to different levels of intensity.

It’s important to note that setting your phone to vibrate using these features can use a significant amount of battery power and data. You should consult your mobile service provider for details and to avoid unexpected charges.

Another option is to use an app that allows your phone to vibrate continuously. There are many good options available for iPhone and Android phones. One of the best is called Massager Vibration which provides a 0 to 100 power dial for controlling vibration intensity and includes 4 different modes with soothing sounds.

You can even get creative and turn therapy devices into makeshift vibrators. Back massagers are especially easy to repurpose, and some even have flexible necks for enhancing stimulation of hard-to-reach areas. Just remember to treat any homemade sex toy as you would a traditional device and apply compatible lubrication to reduce the risk of infection.

4. Compact personal fan

While the market for sex toys has certainly expanded, there’s also plenty of creative ways to enjoy pleasure from everyday items you might have in your home. As long as you follow safety guidelines for using them, there are plenty of options for a quick and discreet masturbation session.

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Vibrators come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. But they can be expensive, and even more so if you’re looking for the most intense vibrations possible.

If you’re ready to try something new or you just need a small vibrator that can easily fit in your purse or clutch for those unexpected moments, there are a few things you can do to make a simple DIY vibrator. Many of these objects you might already have lying around the house, and they’re not nearly as difficult to use or clean as some of the sex toys on the market.

Just keep in mind that tampering with electronics or using household items can pose some risks, so you should always experiment at your own risk. You should also use a safe, compatible personal lubricant with any object you choose and be sure to wrap anything that’s exposed in a condom. Also, remember that most of these DIY sex toys aren’t designed for prolonged contact with skin and might not be as gentle as a dedicated vibrator.

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