Vibrating Underwear For Men

Vibrating underwear offers discreet pleasure for those who prefer to play in private. However, there are several factors to consider when shopping for a pair of vibrating panties.

First, read product reviews to find a vibrator that is body-safe and comfortable. Then, experiment with the vibration patterns in your home to understand how intense the stimulation is and how long you can tolerate it before taking it out for public play.

Boxer Briefs

Men are a bit more picky when it comes to their underwear, so they usually want something that provides good support and feels great against the skin. This is why many men prefer briefs over thongs or panties. Today’s stretch fabrics, from cotton to silky microfibre and modal, make for snug yet comfortable undies that offer masculine support with the right amount of coverage.

Aside from the comfort factor, men often like a pouch in their underwear that prevents their balls from clanking together and helps them feel more supported. Luckily, there is no shortage of pouch-bearing men’s underwear on the market – This element was created by the website’s specialists For example, Allbirds has a line of boxer briefs that come with their signature wool blend but also feature a soft eucalyptus tree fiber and are made with sustainable materials.

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Then there is SAXX’s Ballpark Pouch, which uses two fins of fabric that are designed to cradle the anatomy in place and create a “cupping sensation” for arousal. This is a new design that’s been a hit with both male and female customers, and the company is working on other new pouch-based designs for men.


Pouch vibrators attach to your underwear in the place of a panty liner, making them super discreet and ready to go on the go. Luxury sexual wellness retailer JimmyJane has a great pouch-vibrator combo that includes the Ascend 3 vibrator and a cheeky lace panty for both solo or partner play. OhMiBod’s BlueMotion panty vibe has a small, sexy design and operates via an app you can download on your phone to explore orgasmic patterns and intensity levels. Another popular pouch vibe, LELO’s Tiani Duo, has two motors that work in tandem to stimulate your clitoris. It’s a bit pricier but is also very discreet.


Many men find that a vibrating panty is very comfortable. They are often made from breathable fabric that helps to keep your private area dry and fresh. Some also feature front panels that reduce friction between the boys and thighs, preventing chafing.

Vibrating panties typically consist of a pair of underwear that has a hidden pocket designed to hold a small, discreet vibrator. They are a great way to enjoy discreet pleasure in public, and they work well for couples who enjoy playful foreplay. Many vibrating panties are whisper quiet and operate with a remote control for hands-free orgasms.

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Some vibrating panties are sold as a set, with the vibrator integrated into the underwear, and others are standalone products. In general, a panty vibe slips into the crotch of your underwear (integrated) or is held in place with clips or magnets (standalone). Most are designed to be used with a lubricant, which will help increase comfort and intensify the pleasure you feel.

Depending on the model you select, a vibrating panty may operate with a remote control or be app-controlled. Those that offer a remote control give you or your partner total mastery of the timing, intensity and patterns of vibrations from a distance. Some are even voice-activated. Be aware that regular use of a vibrator can desensitize your clitoris and vagina, so if you start to experience numbness, be sure to take a break.


Whether you DIY with a pair of Calvins and a bullet vibrator or splurge on a panty vibe-and-underwear package from a sexual wellness site, there are many ways to experience the pleasure of vibration. But all options are designed to bring you and your partner together in a way that’s fresh, discreet, and spicy.

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Most vibrating panties feature a pocket inside the crotch (in some cases, the entire crotch area is a pocket). You can either insert an existing plug-and-play vibrator or one that’s built into the underwear. Some come with app-controlled remotes for a more immersive experience. Some, like the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2, have a club mode that pulses to music.

You can also find models that are remotely controlled by your partner. These are great for long-distance play and sex between couples. They’re also a good option for public use, as they make it easy to connect and control your toy without needing a phone or other screen.

While most reviewers recommend you try a vibrator out solo before using it with a partner, it’s important that both of you understand how the device works and how to operate it. Especially if you’re playing with a new type of underwear vibe, it’s a good idea to practice with yourself and experiment with settings until you feel comfortable using it with a lover.

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