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If you’re looking for something to tease your clitoris or boost intimacy between you and your partner, look no further than a vibrating panty vibe. However, not all panty vibes are created equal.

To get the most bang for your buck, opt for a model that connects to an app. This allows you and your partner to control the vibrator over long distances.


A panty vibe that uses Bluetooth is an exciting way to play from the comfort of your home or on the go. These toys use a small but powerful vibrator that slips into the crotch of your favorite pair of pants. Most are made of medical-grade or body-safe materials, and they’re designed to be discreet and work with the lingerie you already own.

With the free app, you can customize your clitoral vibration patterns and intensities. Some models can even be synced to a song or the ambient noise around you, enhancing your experience and drawing you deeper into your sexy moment. Others let you draw a vibration pattern that will repeat itself over and over for quick, sharp pulses or nice gradual increases.

Another advantage of using a Bluetooth panty vibe is the ability to share control with a partner. Most of these remote control toys are designed to operate with a wireless remote that connects to your device via Bluetooth. This means that your partner can adjust the clit stimulation from anywhere in the house, or even from another room in the same building or a completely different town.

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Some apps allow you to send a paired device a one-time control link that gives them TIMED access to your toy, while others require them to request it each time and you must accept their request before they can take control. This feature is particularly useful when playing with a long distance partner.


Some vibrating panties come with a special sex toy that you control with an app. This gives you a ton of options and makes them very fun for couples to use together. However, it’s important to talk with your partner before using this type of toy and make sure you both agree on the style of play that will be most enjoyable for both of you. For example, if you like edge play, you’ll want to avoid the ones that increase and decrease the intensity of the vibes with the touch of a button.

Another consideration for a vibration panty is whether or not it has a long distance feature that allows your partner to connect with your toy from a different room or even from another country. This is particularly useful for people who travel or work abroad a lot.

The OhMiBod Club 3.OH is an app-controlled panty vibe that comes with a black pair of panties and a built-in gusset to hold the vibrator. This toy has an impressive array of features that can stimulate your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. You can also choose from different intensity levels and vibrating patterns to find the right one for you. The toy also has a sexy, locking zip case for discreet storage. It’s also a great choice for long-distance sex with a built-in chat and video function.

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For those that want to turn up the spice in their lives, vibrating panties are a great way to tease and tantalize your partner or yourself. You can even wear them in the shower for some added sexual pleasure. But before you go out and buy a pair, make sure that the remote control has flexible settings so that you can play to your kinkiest preferences.

Vibrating panties come in various styles, some of which look just like regular underwear. Others have built in vibrators that can be accessed through a pocket at the crotch area. The pocket is usually sized to accommodate the included egg, bullet or pearl vibrator, and it can be activated by remote control. This type of toy is discreet and ideal for public use, as bystanders will be none the wiser about your intimate stimulation.

One such example is the CalExotics Lock-N-Play Panty Teaser, which comes with magnetic wings to hold a small vibrator in place. It fits most crotches, although some reviewers have noted that the wings are not very secure and that the toy moves around a bit during wear. Another option is the Lovense Ferri, which can be controlled through an app and works over long distances – perfect for public play or long-distance relationships. Its insertion point is ergonomically designed to target the sensitive inner curve of your clitoris and can be adjusted for different intensities.

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Remote Control

If you’re not satisfied with a simple vibrating panty, check out this unique pair that includes a bullet viber for external stimulation. It has ten vibration modes with up to six intensity levels for targeted stimulation. You can also sync it with music to create a sensual playlist to enhance your pleasure.

It’s designed to be discreet and can be worn in public without attracting unwanted attention. The wireless remote controls the vibrator from up to five meters away. It comes with a convenient carrying case that features a charging port and a lock to keep it safe from prying eyes. You can even record sayings that will be turned into unique vibration patterns.

The best thing about this wearable sex toy is that you can give it to your partner without them ever knowing. This feature is great for long-distance relationships because it allows them to control the panty vibe from anywhere they are – just like sending a text message. In Lovense’s app, you can anonymously send a one-time control link to a friend or partner for TIMED access to your sex toy. You can also build a list of saved partners to share unrestricted access with your toy. This is a great way to make sure your partner’s experience is always different and exciting.

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