Best Vibrators For Virgins

If you’re a virgin, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to explore your sexuality and learn what penetration feels like before popping your cherry. Just make sure you play safely and responsibly with a safe toy!

Vibrators are sex toys that can be used to stimulate the outer vaginal area or for clitoral stimulation during masturbation. Dildos, on the other hand, are designed and made for penetration.

1. JOI Rotating Head G-Spot Vibrator Clit Licker

When it comes to sex toys, there are lots of options out there. Some are battery-powered or rechargeable, while others are plug-in-the-wall models. Then, there’s size (from petite bullet vibes to giant wands), shape, and color. There are also many different vibration modes, some that are discrete and others that are oh-so-teasingly explicit.

The JOI rotating head clit toy is great for virgins because of its multiple modes and angular tip that fits perfectly over the clitoris. It’s also made from body safe materials, so it won’t cling to bacteria or cause vaginal infections.

While it’s a little pricier than some other toy options on this list, it offers the benefit of being discreet. Plus, it’s easy to use with just one hand, making it an excellent option for masturbation sessions, which are a great way for virgins to learn more about their bodies’ sexual responses. Just remember to always use lube and go slow. And don’t give up if you don’t reach an orgasm right away — it can take a while for some people!

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2. Lovehoney Slimline 5″

A small vibrator is ideal for virgins who are new to vaginal penetration and want a safe, discreet toy to work up the courage to try it – This information originates from the website’s editorial team Teen Sex Adventure. Unlike a dildo (which is designed specifically for penetration), a vibrator can be used anally as well as vaginally, so it’s less intimidating to use and can encourage exploration of other erogenous zones.

The Lovehoney Slimline 5″ is short and slim so it slips easily into the vagina, with a head that can be angled to target your G-Spot and bunny holes. It has multiple vibration speeds and patterns to discover your favourites. The body-safe silicone is super smooth and feels great against the vulva.

Wand vibes are external toys that sit against your clit for rumbling pleasure. They’re easy to clean for shared play, so you can use it with your partner if you like. This one has a mouth that mimics an oral experience to increase blood flow and generate powerful sensations. There are several different suction patterns to discover, too. Use it with a lick of lube for extra comfort and satisfaction.

3. Basics Mini Vibrator

If you’re buying your first vibrator and you don’t know where to start, stores often carry a massive selection of pleasurers in every shape and color imaginable. You might also have to decide between battery-powered, rechargeable, or plug-in options.

A simple twist model, the Basics Mini Vibrator is a back-to-basics treat. It’s small, smooth, and made from body-safe silicone – all the features you need at a starter price that won’t make your wallet cry tears.

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It’s a great clitoral vibe that can be used alone or with a partner, but it’s also an excellent pick for hands-free play. Just be sure to use plenty of lube!

If you’re ready to go a step further, check out our guide to the best hands-free vibes. Or, if you want more control over your experience, try a sex toy with a remote like the Luxe Princess 7-function vibrator. It’s cute, rechargeable, and has a variety of functions that work great for clitoral stimulation and penetrative sex. This is a perfect toy for virgins who want more sexy fun without breaking the bank.

4. Luxe Princess 7-function vibrator

The beauty of this little vibe is in its simplicity. It’s a feather-thin vibrator with two ‘touch sensors’ that, when stroked, cause it to vibrate faster (up to its max speed). Perfect for stroking on the clit or other erogenous zones like collar bones, wrists, thighs, nipples, and balls. It’s also great for mindful sex exercises like sensate focus or for partnering play.

Unlike some vibes with an overwhelming amount of settings, this toy has a blessedly modest roster of seven: three power levels and four vibration patterns. It’s also a warm vibe and comes with a luxurious storage bag and USB charger.

Masturbation is a safe and healthy way for virgins to explore their sexuality, especially with the right tool in hand. Whether you’re looking for a gentle way to explore your G-spot or a clit licker, these vibrators are perfect for beginners, ensuring a smooth transition into pleasure. The best part? They’re super discreet. (Although I suggest storing it with a zip-lock bag.) And, of course, you can always upgrade later on.

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5. The Poet

The massive selection of pleasure toys in stores can be terrifying for a vibrator virgin, especially when it comes to choosing the right one. It helps to narrow down the options by figuring out what kind of stimulation is most satisfying and how a new toy will be used.

Norton says a newbie should consider whether they prefer broad stimulation over more pinpointed sensations, like the feeling of the full tongue pressing against the entire vulva or the tip of the tongue tracing the clitoris and labia. This can help determine if they want to go with a bigger vibe, like a wand, or something slimmer and sleeker, such as a bullet.

Another thing to consider is the kind of vibration they’re most comfortable with: rumbly over buzzy. Rumbly vibration feels deeper and is less prone to temporary desensitization, while buzzy vibration can feel more surface level and is more common in lower-end vibrators. Once they’ve decided on a vibe type, there are a variety of hands-free toy shapes and designs to choose from. Some, like the butterfly vibes and fox heads-and-tails toy in this box, are small and sit cleanly against the vulva, while others, like the Dame Eva II, are clitoral vibes that can be inserted into the cock or held to the clitoris for couples play.

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