Can You Take Vibrators in Luggage to Dubai?

Taking your vibrator on holiday can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to take care when packing. Otherwise you might find yourself in trouble with airport security, or your toy could get switched on inadvertently by another passenger.

Sex toys and dildos are banned in some countries, so it’s best to check before you fly. To avoid any problems, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Check the packaging

When packing your vibrator, always double check the packaging to ensure that it’s legal. Sex toys aren’t accepted everywhere in the world, and some countries are downright hostile to them (as Charlotte Crosby recently found out). Sexual customs vary wildly, so it’s worth checking the rules of your destination before you buy anything.

You might think it’s obvious to take spare batteries with you when traveling with a vibrator, but it’s actually really easy to forget. Even if you have rechargeable ones, it’s worth topping them up before your trip. This is because your toy will likely be jostled around a lot while you’re travelling, and you don’t want it accidentally switching on at the worst possible moment.

In addition, if you’re heading to a country that doesn’t allow sex toys, it’s best to keep them hidden as much as possible. A good way to do this is to pack them in a sex toy protector, which is essentially a small plastic bag that wraps around your vibe to protect it from impact and heat.

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Other ways to protect your toys while you’re traveling include wrapping them in clothing and packing them in the bottom of your suitcase (it’s a great idea to pack some lube too, for added peace of mind). Having the toys wrapped up will also help to prevent them from switching on accidentally during baggage handling.

2. Keep the batteries out

It might seem obvious, but if your toy has batteries inside of it, then you should keep them out when traveling. Leaving the batteries in can cause your vibrator to start buzzing during the flight, which will surely draw unwanted attention from other passengers and security agents. Not to mention, it can corrode your toy over time and drain the battery.

This is especially true when flying to countries where sex toys aren’t allowed, such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India. There have been many horror stories of people having their vibrators confiscated by airport security and other officials, and it’s best to be safe than sorry.

There are vibrators that have no batteries at all, and there are also some that can be locked in the off position for air travel. You can also use lubricant and toy cleaner in the empty packaging to disguise any unwanted vibrations in case they accidentally turn on during transit.

Another good idea is to pack your vibrator in a clear plastic bag. This will allow TSA agents to see what’s inside of your bag without having their hands all over it, which is much more hygienic. Plus, if you’re traveling with a toy that is shaped like Hello Kitty or something else that could be mistaken for a weapon, putting it in a clear bag can help make it look less suspicious.

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3. Don’t pack it in a dildo

While it may feel tempting to pack a big, hot pink dildo with the rest of your essentials for your trip, there are plenty of reasons why that might not be a great idea. For one, it’s likely to raise some suspicion with security. They’re trained to pay attention to sex toys and they know that you might be nervous about them, which could lead to extra scrutiny or even confiscation of your vibe.

Also, packing your dildo inside of a hard case might not protect it as much from the shocks of travel and baggage handling, which can cause them to switch on accidentally (something that has happened in the past) and overheat. It’s best to keep them separate, wrapped up in clothes and tucked away safely in your suitcase.

If you are concerned about the security of your vibes, you can always purchase a reusable silicone travel toy from a company like BerryLemon that’s designed specifically for travel. These have a special “travel mode” that requires a long power button hold of 3-5 seconds to activate, and another sequential hold to turn on the vibrations. It’s also a good idea to bring some lube along with you on your journey, but make sure it’s below the TSA limit of 3.4 ounces (for carry-on bags) or is in a sealed container.

4. Think about the shape

When packing sex toys for travel, it’s important to think about how they look. If a vibe looks too obscure or phallic, it could raise eyebrows at security and trigger an unnecessary search. A lot of vibrators come in aesthetically pleasing shapes, including lipstick vibes (like the Kip from Dame Products) and a new take on a vibrating clit sleeve called the Mia that looks like a USB stick.

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If you want to go with a classic vibe shape, the Crave Vesper bullet vibrator hides beautifully in a jewelry box and comes in several luscious colors. Many rechargeable vibrators also have travel lock functions, so make sure to read the manual for yours and use it if you’re concerned about a power-on accident in transit.

If you’re traveling internationally, be aware that some countries have strict laws on sex toys and pornography, so do your research before jetting off to a foreign destination. It’s best to check with your embassy in advance for more details on what you can and cannot bring with you. In any event, it’s always wise to pack all of your toys in a clear plastic bag and label them so that you can explain the purpose of each to security should they choose to open up your luggage. This will also keep lube and other liquids from spilling and making your vibrator smell funky.

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