Pressure Points For Female Arousal

Stimulating sexual pressure points is a wonderful way to increase libido and enhance intimacy. However, it is important to always communicate with your partner and respect their boundaries and preferences.

The first of the erotic pressure points is the Cheng Fu point, located two fingers’ width below your belly button. When stimulated, it is said to arouse a woman’s sexual response and increase the sensitivity of her pussy.

Cheng Fu point

The inner thighs are one of the most powerful areas for female sexual arousal. Gently rubbing or stroking the area with your fingers can increase blood flow and promote feelings of pleasure. For a more sensual experience, try kissing and licking the area for added excitement. Using foot reflexology is also a great way to stimulate this area.

Another important point for female sexual arousal is the Kidney 7 acupressure point. It is located about 2 inches, or a finger’s width, above a point known as Kidney 3. This hidden gem is a powerful pressure point for enhancing libido. It is believed to stimulate yin and yang energy, warm the body, and boost blood flow.

The B 23 and B 47 points are two other important acupressure points that can help enhance sexual arousal. They are found on the lower back, just above the waist. They are easily accessible to both men and women. Massaging these points will stimulate sex organs, which will help arouse your partner.

The Spleen 6 pressure point is another good acupressure point for increasing arousal. It is located 4 finger widths above the inside of the ankle. Massaging this point will increase calmness in the mind and relieve stress. This point is particularly useful for reducing vertigo and headaches. It is also used for uterine disorders, including irregular periods and menstrual cramps. It is important to note that this point should not be massaged if you are pregnant.

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Sea of Vitality point

In addition to acupuncture, which uses needles to activate these points, acupressure is also a handy tool for boosting libido in women. For example, applying pressure to the ear seeds (acupressure bands) can boost sexual energy and improve sex drive in females. This is because ear seeds increase blood flow to the stomach area, which stimulates sexual energy. They can also help reduce headaches and vertigo, and treat nasal disorders.

The acupressure point known as the Sea of Vitality, or Qi Hai, is located about two fingers spaces below the belly button. Its ability to raise qi and energize the entire body makes it a powerful point for promoting female arousal. It can be accessed by pressing down hard on the spot and massaging it for one to two minutes.

Another acupressure point that promotes female arousal is the Spleen channel (SP6), which is located about four finger widths above the inside ankle bone. This point treats hormonal disorders and boosts immunity. In addition, it can be used to treat depression and anxiety. If you’re pregnant, avoid stimulating this point because it can lead to uterine contractions.

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Ren 6 point

For women, focusing on pressure points that encourage sexual arousal can help them achieve greater sexual pleasure. In addition to the Cheng Fu point, which can be triggered by foreplay and is easy to locate, there are many other acupressure points that can be stimulated to increase sexual arousal. These include the Bladder 47 point and the Kidney Yin and Yang points.

The Kidney Yin and Yang points are located on the side of the foot and can be accessed by massaging the acupressure point between the two toes, which is also known as the “Pass of the Origin.” This acupressure point can help improve fertility in men and women. It also promotes arousal and increases blood flow to the genitalia.

Stimulating the Spleen 6 point, which is tucked in under the inner ankle bone (medial malleolus), can increase arousal and sexual function. It can also relieve anxiety and stress and promote a healthy appetite. However, it is important to note that this point is not recommended for pregnant women because it can cause uterine contractions.

GV 20 is one of the most important acupressure points for female libido. This is because it activates the yang energy in the brain, which is essential for sexual arousal. In addition, GV-20 boosts blood flow and alleviates stress, which can increase a woman’s sexual experience. Massage these pressure points gently, not hard enough to cause pain.

ST30 point

Imagine playing hide-and-seek on the landscape of your body. Then picture the horizontal crease under your buttocks that is your Cheng Fu point, tucked away like a hidden treasure. That area is a key to heightened sensual awareness and pleasure. Stimulating this point while engaging in eye contact can open the floodgates to profound sexual satisfaction.

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Acupuncture, which uses needles instead of finger pressure, also has libido-boosting effects. It does this by restoring the flow of energy in the meridians that connect with the sex organs. Boosting the flow of energy in these meridians removes blockages that interfere with sexual desire and performance.

Other acupressure points for boosting female libido include UB 30 and GB 60. Located on the inner groin, these points have been shown to reduce menstrual pain and increase orgasms. The GB points are useful for women with uterine issues and can help to relieve dysmenorrhea. However, it is important not to massage these points during pregnancy.

GV 20 or DU 20, found on the back of the neck, can also promote arousal. It’s a key point for the nervous system and helps to balance stress levels, which can have an impact on arousal. It’s best to massage GV-20 in the morning to stimulate your arousal for the day. Using ear seeds to activate the body’s acupoints can be an easy and convenient way to boost female libido.

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