Does Your Sex Position Determine Baby Gender?

There are a lot of rumors floating around about ways to influence a baby’s sex at conception. Some of these methods include the sex position you engage in.

Shettles claimed that deep penetration (like doggy style) helps conceive a boy because male sperm cells swim best when they’re closer to the egg. He also believed female orgasm secretions are alkaline, which makes vaginal fluids more favorable to Y-carrying sperm.

Doggy Style

There are several theories out there that suggest certain positions, such as doggy style (where the woman is on all fours and her partner enters from behind), are better for conceiving boys than girls. Essentially, the idea is that when the man enters the woman from this position, it causes shallow penetration and allows male sperm to deposit farther away from the egg. This leaves the stronger female sperm to win the race to the egg and fertilize it.

Unfortunately, no scientific study has actually proven that this is the case. In fact, a recent study published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology found no differences in sperm strength, motility or swimming patterns based on the sex of the partner or even the sex of the baby.

While some people may prefer a certain gender for their child, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter in terms of fertility. The best thing you can do to help conceive a boy or girl is to track your ovulation cycle and have sex frequently during the fertile window, which are the days leading up to and day of ovulation.

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Doggy-style sex can be super-pleasurable for some, especially since it gives the penetrating partner free hands to play with other parts of your body. Plus, this position stimulates the tip of the cervix, which is also known as the A-spot.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is a face-to-face sexual position in which the partner on top is between the bottom partner’s legs. It allows for deeper penetration and offers new sensations and heightened pleasure. It also lets the partners explore each other’s bodies at different angles and create unique clitoral stimulation. For optimal results, couples should engage in extended foreplay before attempting the missionary position.

Some people believe that any sex position that requires deep penetration can result in a baby boy because it allows the male sperm to reach the egg. This belief stems from a claim made in the 1960s by physician Landrum B. Shettles that there is a specific pH level during orgasms that makes conditions more acidic, which kills male sperm, so they cannot survive as well as female sperm can.

As Greenleaf points out, this claim was based on misinformation and has been debunked by experts. There is no evidence that any sexual positions predict the gender of a child. Biological sex, which doctors assign at birth, is determined by genes and has nothing to do with a person’s sexual orientation or sex preference.

Instead of worrying about sex positions, couples trying to conceive should focus on getting together frequently, tracking their ovulation cycles, and making sure they are having sex during the fertile window (the days leading up to and the day of ovulation). That being said, the missionary position may be better for conception than the all fours or back position because it allows the man’s sperm to travel as close to the woman’s egg as possible.

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Some people swear that different sex positions affect baby gender, but there is little evidence to support these claims. One theory is that sex positions that don’t offer deep penetration — like missionary, girl-on-top, or spooning — are better for having girls. It’s thought that when sperm are ejaculated from these shallower positions, they have to travel further to reach the egg, which can slow them down and allow female sperm to forge ahead.

Another popular belief is that any sex position that makes a woman orgasm could result in having a girl, since orgasms can cause a shift in the pH balance of the vagina. This can make the conditions more acidic, which can harm male sperm but make female sperm more likely to survive.

Finally, there’s the Shettles Method, which was developed by a US physician in the 1960s. The Shettles Method believes that you can influence your baby’s sex at conception by determining what type of sperm you use and how you position yourself during sex. According to Shettles, if you want a boy, it’s best to doggy style and have deep penetration.

Despite the many myths out there about sex position and baby gender, it’s important to remember that your chances of having a boy or girl are always 50-50. So, while experimenting with different lovemaking positions might be fun, it’s not likely to help you select the sex of your future child.

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Straddle Position

For couples who want a girl, spooning during sex is one of the positions that some people believe can help them achieve their goal. The theory behind this is that because the penetration isn’t deep, male sperm won’t make it all the way to the egg, and female sperm will be able to get there first.

There’s no scientific evidence supporting this claim, though, and most experts say there’s no way to determine a baby’s gender from the position used during conception. If you want a girl, there are other ways to increase your chances of conceiving one, such as eating a balanced diet, tracking your ovulation cycle, and limiting dairy products.

In the 1960s, a physician named Landrum B. Shettles claimed that certain sexual positions and timing can influence the sex of a child. His “Shettles Method,” which he outlined in his book How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby, has both supporters and detractors.

He believed that the sex of a baby is determined by the pairing of an egg’s X chromosome with a sperm’s Y chromosome during fertilization, and that different sperm have different strengths and characteristics. He also said that if a man does sex with a woman in a position that allows for deep penetration, boy sperm will have a better chance of reaching the egg and fertilizing it.

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