Sex Positions to Conceive a Girl Baby

There’s no scientific proof that having sex in specific positions will make your chances of conceiving a girl baby higher. However, medical scanning technology does confirm that certain positions allow for deeper penetration, which could help weed out boy sperm before they reach your cervix.

Experts like Shettles recommend the old-fashioned missionary position. This limits penetration, giving female sperm a better chance to survive the acidic environment of the vagina and reach your egg.


Face-to-Face sex positions are ideal for couples who want to deepen their intimacy and emotional connection. It’s also said to weed out boy sperm (though this is not proven) because of the way the position forces the male to enter the woman from the front, making it more difficult for a boy sperm to reach the cervix. It’s also claimed that taking a long hot shower prior to sex can do the trick, since boy sperm hates the heat.

In the 1960s, U.S. physician Landrum Shettles theorized that sperm carrying the Y chromosome swam faster and lighter, while sperm carrying the X chromosome swam slower and heavier. He claimed that if couples had sex earlier in the menstrual cycle and abstained from sex in the days leading up to and after ovulation, they could increase their chances of having a girl baby by promoting the slower, heavier sperm.

Shettles’ method involved timing ovulation to ensure that couples had sex during the key conception window, as well as prescribing certain sex positions. He recommended sex from the face-to-face or missionary position, which encourages shallow penetration and supposedly favors sperm carrying the Y chromosome. But while it may make a difference, the more important factor when trying to conceive is making sure you and your partner are healthy prior to starting to try for a baby, including eating plenty of folic acid and limiting alcohol consumption.

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Many theories have surfaced that certain sex positions can help couples conceive a girl or boy. For example, the Missionary position involves deep penetration and is supposed to place sperm closer to the cervix than other positions such as doggy style. Some also claim that consuming foods high in calcium and low in sodium helps conceive girls, while eating red meat, potassium-rich bananas and salty dishes increases the chances of a boy.

While there is no scientific evidence that these sex positions impact baby gender, some people swear by them. It is also said that drinking coffee before sex makes male sperm more active, which can help them reach the egg more quickly and fertilize it faster than female sperm.

A more controversial theory suggests that the type of orgasm a woman has during sex can also determine whether she will have a boy or a girl. This is based on the idea that when a woman orgasms, her pH balance changes, which may make it more acidic for male sperm to survive than female sperm. While this is unlikely to affect fertility, it is certainly an interesting theory.


There’s no scientific proof that any sex position can guarantee you a girl baby, but some experts believe that how and when you have sex does affect the gender of the resulting fetus. That’s why some couples are switching up their mating positions in an effort to conceive a girl. But which positions to try and how often?

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Many people, including sex therapists and ovulation specialists, recommend the straddle position. It’s similar to the lotus sex position but doesn’t require as much effort and is more comfortable. In this position, the penetrating partner sits on a sofa or couch and the receiving partner straddles them face-to-face. They hold onto the back of the couch or the shoulders of their partner for support and to help maintain contact with their body as they thrust forward.

You can also try a variation on this called the scissor straddle, which allows for deeper penetration and is easier on both partners. It’s a good idea to practice both of these before you start trying for a girl because they may take longer than a deep penetration.

The wheelbarrow is another sex position that some experts believe can help you conceive a girl baby. It’s not recommended for women who have a belly bump, but in this position, the woman lies on top of her partner and lowers herself to his chest. He lines his thighs up between hers and enters from behind. The lowered position makes it more difficult for boy sperm, which have a shorter lifespan than female sperm, to reach the egg.


If you’re trying to conceive a girl baby, there are a number of sex positions that are said to help. Some involve deep penetration, but others are more shallow. One such position is called the all fours position, where you lie on your back with your partner behind you, supporting their weight on your knees and hips. They can then enter the vagina from the front or use a G-spot to penetrate with their penis, finger, or sex toy. This position enables deeper penetration than missionary and allows both partners to control the depth of thrusts.

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There is some evidence that the way you have sex can affect the sex of your baby, but there is no scientific proof of this. Some methods, like the Shettles method, suggest that having sex in certain positions increases your chances of having a girl. Shettles based his method on the belief that boy sperm needs to travel longer to fertilize an egg, and that female sperm has a stronger swimming motion.

Other methods claim that timing when you have sex can also increase your chance of having a girl. Some suggest having sex four to six days before ovulation for a girl, and two to three days before ovulation for a boy. Others, like the Whelan method, argue that a woman’s biochemistry is more favorable to Y-sperm at certain times during her cycle.

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