What Does Rigger Mean?

Rigger kink is an intense form of play that can be sexually and emotionally arousing. It requires a great deal of trust and communication between the participants.

All parties involved should have open, honest communication about their fantasies and establish safe words and gestures. They should also practice proper techniques and study anatomy to keep everyone safe.


Rigger BDSM is an immersive form of bondage that can be intense, exciting, and mutually fulfilling for both partners. It requires open communication, understanding of each other’s limits and boundaries, and careful use of proper equipment. Rigger BDSM involves binding the partner and restricting their movement for an extended period of time. This can cause physical harm to the participant if not done properly. Therefore, it is important to practice this technique with a trained instructor.

The rigger is responsible for the restraining of their partner, also known as a “rope bunny.” They can choose from a variety of ropes and different ties to create a customized experience for their partner. The rigger can also add additional toys to the scene, such as clit clamps and vibrators. They should also choose a safeword to communicate with their partner in case they feel uncomfortable or are in pain.

The rigger may or may not be the dominant partner in the scene, depending on their personal preferences and the dynamics of their relationship. They can also be a submissive or switch between roles depending on the situation and their emotional needs. They should also be knowledgeable about the risks and limitations of rigger BDSM to ensure the safety of their partner. It is important to discuss the scenario with the partner before beginning, as unexpected changes or pivots can lead to discomfort or injury.

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A rigger is someone who enjoys tying up their partners. This can be done for sexual pleasure or as a bonding experience. It is possible for a person to be both a rigger and a rope bottom, but the rigger typically takes on the dominant role. Those who are a rigger for kink may also be known as a rope bunny or a sex slave.

Rigger kink is often about power dynamics and the excitement of giving up control. Many people also enjoy the physical sensations of being restrained and the intricate patterns that can be created with the knots. Some kink enthusiasts like to self-rig before masturbation, while others prefer to have a partner for this type of play.

Regardless of the reason for rigger kink, it is important to practice safety and proper technique. All participants should discuss their boundaries and limits and make sure they are comfortable with the scenario before it begins. It is also a good idea to have something nearby that can be used to cut the restraints in case of an emergency.

Although a rigger can be male or female, it is most commonly a dominant person who is responsible for the physical control and manipulation of their partner. This type of kink can be dangerous and emotionally overwhelming, so it is important for all parties to be aware of the risks involved. It is also important to have open communication with each other and to check in regularly during the experience.

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Rigger BDSM, also known as shibari or kinbaku, is the sexual practice of tying a partner with rope. It involves tight rope patterns and knots that partially or fully restrict a partner’s movement. The person doing the tying is called a rigger or rope top, and the person being restrained is called a rope bottom or submissive. Rigger BDSM is often considered an art form, blending physical skill with emotional connection and beauty.

Some riggers use their skills on themselves, but the majority of riggers prefer to bind others with their rope bondage skills. Some riggers enjoy making art by creating intricate patterns and knots around the body of their muse, or “rope bunny.” Other riggers find pleasure in exploring the boundaries between power and vulnerability through their relationship with their rig bunny.

Regardless of the intended purpose, all participants in rigger BDSM should communicate openly and honestly about their expectations and desires. They should also take care to ensure that the ties they use are safe, and that they have something on hand to cut the restraints in the event of an emergency.

Rigger BDSM is not recommended for people with back problems or other health issues, such as high blood pressure, asthma, or heart disease. Improper ties can cause injuries such as nerve damage or loss of limb, so it’s important for participants to be well informed and prepared before engaging in rigger BDSM.


In BDSM, the term “rigger” is used to refer to someone who specializes in creating and applying restraints. The rigger takes on the dominant role in the scene or relationship and is responsible for tying up or otherwise physically controlling their partner, who takes on the submissive role. Riggers may also use a variety of other tools and toys to create bonds of intimacy and sexual pleasure.

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Some people who enjoy kink find restraining their partners a turn-on, and this is one form of kink that can be very satisfying for both parties. The communication and trust needed for a successful rigger scene can help participants discover more about their own boundaries and what they enjoy in a kink.

While rigger kink can be highly satisfying, it is important to have proper training and safety practices in place to avoid injury or pain. It is a good idea for both parties to practice tying and untying themselves to become more comfortable with the process before engaging in a riger scene. It is also a good idea to have a safe word and regular check-ins during the scene to ensure that both parties are enjoying their experience.

People who engage in rigger kink can use a wide range of rope types, which vary in feel and sturdiness. For example, some riggers choose to use cotton rope, while others prefer more abrasive materials that provide a lot of friction.

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