Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable Review

If you love wand vibrators, the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable is worth considering. It has a lot of vibration speeds and patterns and is made from body-safe materials.

The wand also has a deliciously supple, silicone head. It has four intensity power levels and a tantalizing array of vibration patterns.

Powerful Vibrations

The hitachi vibrating massager cordless is a powerful wand vibrator that can deliver strong vibrations to the clitoris. It features four intensity settings and two vibration patterns, allowing you to find the perfect sensation. Plus, you can use it while plugged in for even more power – This element exemplifies the creativity of the service authors

This wand massager was first invented in 1968 by Hitachi as an AC-powered personal masseur for soothing back pains. But thanks to sex educator Betty Dodson, it became famous as a clitoral stimulator that can bring women to orgasm. It’s now a household name that can be found in every bathroom and is listed as a medical device by the FDA.

In 2023, Hitachi discontinued the production of the Magic Wand because it was becoming known as a sex toy. However, it was re-branded by Vibratex Inc, which had previously been the distributor for the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator in the US. The new version of the wand is identical to the original in appearance, but it has more speeds and comes with a travel pouch for easy storage.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable wand vibrator to soothe your body, the Love Magic is your best bet. It has 30 modes, a heavy duty motor and a soft touch silicone head for intense pleasure. It can be used cordless or plugged in for maximum power, and its rechargeable battery will last you all night.

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Easy to Operate

The hitachi vibrating massager cordless can be used either as a handheld toy or with the included sleeve for use against a wall or other surface. The toy turns on when plugged in and shuts off after three hours of consistent use. When the battery gets low, the toy will signal that it needs recharging with a red light; it can also be charged while in use, so you won’t have to wait long between sessions.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable offers the same powerful rumbly vibrations that made the Original famous for over 30 years. Now updated with four intensity power levels and four tantalizing vibration patterns, it’s ready to please in a cordless form factor that gives you the freedom to enjoy pleasure anywhere, anytime.

The hitachi rechargeable vibrating massager cordless is one of the most convenient adult toys on the market. It’s easy to operate, quiet in operation, and has a variety of modes to suit your pleasure preferences. It’s also relatively inexpensive and will give you or a partner or lover three hours of continuous use on a single charge. It is a bit smaller in the head area than Le Wand or Doxy but that shouldn’t matter too much. The toy also shuts off after 20 minutes of use for safety reasons and to preserve battery life.

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Convenient Cordless Design

Despite being able to deliver strong, penetrating vibrations, this Hitachi Magic Wand is quiet and discreet. It produces less noise than other battery powered vibrators and is perfect for intimate moments. Its powerful vibrations also bring women and men to orgasm faster than others. However, users should note that the device can be loud when used on its high setting.

The Magic Wand Original is designed to elicit deep, penetrating vibrations and is made from smooth, shiny plastic with a terrific feel. It’s easy to clean and can be safely lubed with water-based lubes, such as ID-Glide or gun oil. It has an elongated, spherical head that’s seven inches in diameter and can easily reach the most sensitive areas of the body. The device can be used cordless or plugged in for “Plug and Play” fun, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of pleasure play.

The Magic Wand is available for purchase online from a number of retailers, including the official American distributor, Vibratex, Inc. It comes with a warranty and is available in both corded and cordless versions, so you can choose which one works best for you. It’s also compatible with a variety of accessories that can make it even more pleasurable. In addition, the Magic Wand is easy to operate and offers a great deal of flexibility.

Durable Design

The hitachi vibrating massager cordless is designed to last. It’s made from Medical Grade Vinyl – a special textile used in the healthcare industry that’s anti-bacterial, flame resistant and impenetrable to common odours and liquids. This durable material ensures a safe and hygienic experience. The hitachi vibrating massager cordless also has four strong solid-vibration speeds that can get you to orgasm. It’s a little less powerful than the corded Original but still plenty to have a good time with.

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Invented back in 1968, the Magic Wand was originally a shoulder-massager but became famous as a female masturbation toy thanks to orgasm advocate Betty Dodson. It has an iconic look that nearly everyone recognizes. It’s even been used in NSFW movies and Cam Girl shows.

Unfortunately, Hitachi stopped producing the Magic Wand in 2013 so it’s become quite a treasure hunt for massage enthusiasts to find one. However, the toy is still available for sale in the USA by Vibratex, and now Australia through Good Vibrations. They import it direct from the American distributor and have a great range of accessories to make it an even more fun pleasure tool. The head on the Magic Wand is smaller and boxier than on Le Wand and Doxy but that’s not a problem when you’re using it for sex. It can be used alone or with a partner and provides three hours of use on a charge.

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