How to Use a Vibrating Wand

A vibrating wand may not be the prettiest toy, but it knows what it’s doing. Its massive head distributes rumbly vibrations to multiple clitoral nerve endings at once.

Originally marketed as neck massagers, wands have been known to produce orgasms where other toys or methods failed. Here’s how to use a wand to its full potential.

Getting Started

Whether used solo or in partnered play, a wand vibrator is a blast. Unlike vibes with long shafts, a wand’s round head is perfect for targeting your clitoris for intense, frills-free pleasure. If you’re new to wand vibration, we recommend playing with it alone first to get the hang of things.

Start by using it on your nipples, inner thighs or other sensitive spots to discover which settings and speeds feel best for you. A wand is also a great option for arousal massage, as stimulating the nipples activates the same area of the brain that arouses the clitoris. You can even use it to tease your partner’s nipples before a big climax – the sensations are out of this world!

Wands are amazing when it comes to sexy foreplay, and they’re the star of a sex-up session. The deep external vibrations of a wand are perfect for pairing with penetrative sex and foreplay, especially as some models come equipped with attachments to target G-spot stimulation, prostate and male masturbation. For extra fun, add a blindfold and let your partner explore your erogenous zones and find the most orgasmic position for you. You can even use a wand for oral stimulation by placing the head against your throat during oral sex. It’s a total game changer!

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Wand vibrators have a rounded head designed to stimulate external areas like the clits and anal opening. They’re a great toy for couples because they’re long enough for either partner to comfortably position the wand head against their erogenous zones. To get the best results from your wand you’ll need to apply a decent covering of lube to ensure the wand head can glide smoothly over sensitive skin. Stick with water-based lubes rather than silicone as they are more gentle and safer for use with your sex toy.

A wand can also be used for solo play with a little creative positioning. Lie on your back and pile up some pillows, positioning the wand head over your vulva to create a sort of open-legged spoon. You can then have your partner enter you from behind, using their finger or dildo to rub against the wand head and give you a throbbing G-spot massage.

Wands can also be used for foreplay with men as they are a great toy for stimulating the shaft and scrotum. Place the wand against the perineum or anal opening to feel your clits come alive and experience mind-blowing blended orgasms. Try combining this with a blindfold to add an element of mystery and exploration. This is a fun way to have orgasm control play, with one partner in charge of setting the intensity of the vibe.

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Speed Settings

While wand vibrators are usually marketed as clitoral stimulation toys, they’re incredibly versatile and can be used on any part of the body. You can use one to massage your own clitoris, or you can use it with a partner for some amazing masturbation. Wands can also double as powerful G-spot or P-spot stimulators when you add an attachment.

To get the most out of your wand, it’s best to start with its lowest setting and work your way up until you feel comfortable. Then, if you want to add more intensity, simply turn the dial on the back of the toy to adjust the speed settings.

The Majesty 2 wand vibrator, for instance, has 50 different combinations of modes and intensities that you can try. This lets you customize the experience to your exact needs and sensitivity levels.

The higher the speed setting, the more intense the vibrations will be. This can be quite overwhelming at first, so it’s important to take it slowly and ease your way up.


Before the vibrator industry took off, there was one wand-style toy available: the Hitachi Magic Wand. While marketed as a massager and back/body stimulator, it soon became a sex toy favorite because of its versatile, powerful and smooth stimulation.

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When using a vibrating wand for the first time, start with the lowest settings and gradually increase the intensity. It’s also a good idea to use lubrication to enhance sensations and reduce irritation. Start with an all-natural lube like organic sesame oil or coconut oil, and then graduate to water-based lubes such as organic jojoba oil. These lubes are gentle on the skin, easy to clean, and they won’t stain fabrics or compromise the integrity of your toy.

Wands can be used with a partner to add an extra element of arousal during sexual intercourse or masturbation. You can use the wand to stimulate erogenous zones, such as the nipples, inner thighs and clit. You can also use it to tease erogenous areas of your body such as the armpits, hands and neck.

Wands are also great for male solo play. You can use them to stimulate clit, the shaft, and the underside of the penis for a thrilling foreplay experience or even during masturbation sessions. It’s important to understand that different people respond differently to stimulation in erogenous zones, so it is a good idea to experiment with a wand on your own before trying it out with a partner.

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