Sex Positions in the Car

Car sex is a classic kinky endeavor. If you and your partner have a car with ample room and are in a secluded, private location, this is an option to explore.

Have the person being penetrated crouch on all fours in the backseat or boot while their penetrating partner kneels behind and enters. This is a great position for vaginal penetration and anal stimulation, Kort says.


The backseat in a car is one of the more intimate places to have sex, especially if you’re in a secluded location – These words resonate with the expertise of the portal’s editorial team Have your partner lay down in the back seat (with their knees bent if it’s tight) and then mount them with one leg in between their legs and the other over their hips. This classic sex position is sure to get steamy and is a great way to target the g-spot.

Another fun variation of this sex position is called the Seashell Position, which involves the penetrating partner slipping their penis into the receiver’s vulva. This provides lots of clitoral stimulation, and also leaves the clitoris open for manual stimulation by either the giver or the receiver.

Alternatively, you can try Spooning, which requires a bit of creativity and also works best with the passenger seat pushed all the way back. Have your partner lie down in the back seat and then stand up above them, supporting yourself on the front of the passenger seat. This can be really fun if you have a toe-curling orgasm in mind.

Finally, if you have a super-tight backseat, you can try the “Lounge” Position, which is like a modified missionary position. Have your partner lie down and then mount them, with their legs spread apart and one leg in between them. This allows for deep penetration and also gives your partner a lot of room to rock.

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Passenger Seat

Whether you’re in the passenger seat or back seat, having sex in the car can bring back those nostalgic memories of your teenage years. It’s a contained space that requires you and your partner to work together in order to maximize pleasure. Luckily, there are several sex positions in the car that will do just that.

The first is a variation on the classic cowgirl position, which works well in a driver, passenger or back seat. In this variation, the giver lies on their stomach with their legs stretched out in front of them, while the receiver kneels or squats on top. This can increase clitoral stimulation and add a new level of friction for increased orgasms. Adding a penis stroker to this position will also increase sensation and boost pleasure for both partners.

Another option is doggy style, which is a car-friendly version of missionary. The receiver gets on all fours in the back seat, while the penetrating partner kneels behind them. This position is compact and easy to adjust for comfort, says Kort. It can also stimulate the prostate or G-spot, he notes.

Lastly, there is the half cowgirl position, which works in the driver or passenger seat or on the floor. In this position, the receiver kneels on their knees with one leg in the footwell of the car and the other up against the door frame. This can create more friction and make for a great massage.

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Using the floor of your car can be an intensely sensual position for you and your partner. This can be a good choice when you want to feel something different and your backseat positions aren’t a comfortable fit. This position is also great for giving your partner some extra g-spot stimulation. Having a partner lie flat on the passenger seat and then climb over them while doing some rocking or micro bouncing can be an incredible source of pleasure.

This position can be difficult to perform in a small car, but it is worth trying if you are looking for something unique and exciting. This is an excellent way to get some sexual stimulation while feeling the wind blowing through your hair and the road ahead of you.

The Reverse Scoop is another car sex position that can be difficult to do in a small space, but it can be done with a little creativity. If you have a sunroof, have your partner stand up and then lay down on the seat while they lean across you and pleasure you with their feet in the air. If you don’t have a sunroof, have a tall partner kneel behind you and drape their legs over yours while they penetrate you.

Getting adventurous with your sex can be a great way to break out of a sexual rut or add some excitement to a relationship. Practicing different sex positions in the car can be an especially good way to break up monotony, and it can be a fun way to discover something new about your partner.

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If you’re stuck in a sex rut or can’t make it to the bedroom, car sex can be a fun option. It requires some trial and error, depending on the size of your partner and the car, but once you figure out what works for you, the results can be explosive. Plus, getting it on in a public space adds some extra excitement and lust.

A cool variation on the cowgirl position is the seated version, known as the “car girl.” Have your guy lie down in the back seat, slide the passenger seat forward as far as it will go, then straddle him and wrap his arms around you. This gives you a little more headspace, which is helpful for tall people who may otherwise hit their heads on the roof of the vehicle.

The Amazon position is another seated variation that’s good for oral sex. Have the girl lay down on her side, then lift up her upper thigh. The man can then sit on her lower leg and penetrate her from behind. This gives her a different angle of penetration and creates unusual sensations for both of you.

Some of these positions put you and your partner at risk of physical injury, particularly in the case of the 69 position. Similarly, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of leaving your car engine running while you’re getting frisky; this can drain the battery.

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