Sex Positions For Older Couples

Whether you’re in your teens or your golden years, sex can be enjoyable and stimulating. Adapting your sex position can help ease discomfort from arthritis, osteoporosis, or other joint pain.

For example, if one partner has back pain, standing sex can ease knee strain while still providing the thrill of penetration. Try a modification like adding pillows for support and slowing down the thrust to increase comfort.

Doggy Style

This sex position is great for older couples as it doesn’t require a lot of agility. The bottom partner lies in a chair or on the edge of a bed and their penetrating partner stands upright to thrust down and up. To make this kinky position even more accessible, adding pillows under the body and using a doggy strap can reduce stress on the back and knees.

The crouching position also stimulates the G-spot for increased pleasure. To take this sex position to the next level, try introducing a vibrator for an even more arousing sensation.

If you’re ready to move out of your bedroom, why not try a sexy take on sideways 69? This sex position has the giver on their side and the receiver on theirs, so it’s easy to get in and out. With the man entering from behind, it also allows him to explore her clitoris. This is a fun way to spice up sex and make your lover feel more in control of the pace and depth of penetration.


Cowgirl puts the receiving partner in control and is a great position to use with a vibrator or other manual stimulation. This sex position is easy to get into and doesn’t require much stretching or flexibility. Plus, it’s a great way to reach climax and orgasm more quickly.

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This sex position is perfect for older couples because it doesn’t put any pressure on the hips, knees, or back. The receiver lies on their stomach while the penetrating partner kneels behind them. This allows them to line up their genitals for penetration and also leaves the clitoris accessible for manual stimulation.

If you and your partner can’t handle this position because of pain or limited mobility, try spooning instead. This sex position is simple and allows both partners to cuddle and massage each other’s erogenous zones. Then, if desired, the giving partner can apply a sex toy or their free hands for clitoral stimulation. This sex position is ideal for those with back or hip pain, such as from fibromyalgia. It’s also a good choice for those with carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis.

Kneeling Down

With the penetrating partner laying on their back and the receiving partner straddled across them, this position is great for addressing erogenous zones including the clitoral hood. It also helps promote anaerobic sex which intensifies sensations. With a little lube, this is a good position for seniors to start building towards climax.

This is a variation on the standard Missionary position that eliminates pressure on the woman’s back. If she has back, hip or knee pain, a pillow can be placed under her feet to lessen the pressure on the major joints. It’s a very intimate position that can be done on the couch and allows for stimulating the G spot.

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Similar to Doggy Style, this is a face-to-face sex position that allows the man to penetrate the woman from behind. It is a very pleasurable position and can be done on the couch and on the bed. This can be a bit strenuous for the bottom partner so it’s important to communicate and adapt this position if necessary. You can use pillows, position straps and a slow rhythm to reduce the pressure and agility needed to perform this position.

Side by Side

While most people are uncomfortable with sex in old age, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the aging process brings many physical changes that can enhance pleasure. Changing the angle of penetration and using the right amount of lubrication can make sex much more enjoyable.

One great sex position for older adults is the modified missionary. This involves lying on your side with a pillow under your hips. This relieves pressure on your back and allows the partner to thrust with their entire body. This position is also ideal for oral stimulation as it is less strenuous for the woman’s neck and shoulders.

A variation of this position is called the spooning technique. This is another good option for arthritic pain and offers the added benefit of stimulating the G-spot. Try adding a vibrator or sex toy to enhance the experience and stimulate other erogenous zones like the breasts or clitoris. Prioritizing extended foreplay is also a key to increasing arousal. Experiment with temperature contrasts for added sensations and excitement. A warm massage oil or a cold metal toy can intensify erotic stimulation and create tingling feelings of ecstasy.

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Sit and Straddle

Getting older doesn’t mean sex has to take a back seat. For seniors who struggle with hip and knee pain, standing sex positions like missionary and cowgirl can work wonders, especially when you add extra support.

This variation on the classic X position sees him straddle her while she lies flat, with their bodies making an X shape (if seen from above). She can hold onto his thighs to help guide her and provide stability for a deep throbbing orgasm.

Spooning may seem gentle, but this position is also perfect for manual clitoral stimulation. The giver will lie on their side facing the receiver with their legs positioned like spoons. The receiver then leans into the giving partner to allow them to enter from behind.

If you’re both struggling with mobility, try a version of Missionary that’s perpendicular to the floor rather than parallel. Just make sure you use pillows to raise the penetrating partner’s body to reduce pressure on their backs and knees. You can even add pillows to the receiving partner for extra support and to keep them in a neutral spinal posture.

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