Top 5 Places to Have Car Sex

Having car sex can be thrilling but it is also risky. If you’re caught, you could be charged with indecent exposure. You should play it safe and find somewhere secluded like an empty parking lot or a natural area at night.

For the best car sex, make sure your vehicle has ample cabin space and seats that can recline as far back as possible. You should also consider getting your windows tinted for added privacy.

Park Your Car

One of the best places to have car sex is in a parking garage. This is because people don’t often come down underneath to collect their cars, meaning that you’ll have 30 to 60 minutes to yourself before anyone else shows up. However, you should make sure that the parking garage isn’t dimly lit because if it is, this can attract unwanted attention.

You can also have car sex in your own driveway, but you need to make sure that you’re on private property and that the neighbors aren’t watching. This can work for couples who are hesitant to try car sex in public, because it’s more private and can be done at their own pace.

If you want to be even more discreet, you can park your car on the top level of a parking lot. This is because most people are lazy and tend to stick with the bottom levels, so the top ones can be fairly quiet. You could also go to the beach, which is another great place because it’s usually pretty empty after sundown. Just be careful not to leave the engine running or you might drain your battery. This is especially true if you have an older car. Also, don’t rely on air conditioning to cool the car down or you might get a case of heatstroke!

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A cemetery is a very creepy place, but also an incredibly romantic one. A cemetery is the final resting place for countless loved ones, so it’s no wonder that people are drawn to it like moths to a flame. According to Broadly, a website dedicated to all things erotic, some lovers use cemeteries as their private bedroom. They cite it as a place where they can have sex in privacy and without interruption. In fact, some graveyards are even a hot spot for sex because of the intimate setting and beautiful grounds.

It’s important to remember that it is illegal to perform lewd acts in public, but if you’re secluded enough, it’s not necessarily a crime. Moreover, in order to get away with it, you must make sure that nobody can see what you’re doing and that there isn’t anyone else around.

Trying to have car sex in a cemetery is not a good idea unless you’re a couple that has a lot of trust and knows each other very well. In any event, if you decide to try it, make sure that it’s at night and not during the day. Likewise, if you’re at a cemetery during the day, be prepared to be confronted by police or even by mourners who may see you engaging in a nude act.

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Public Park

Having car sex in the park is one of those things that sounds really naughty and fun in theory, but it may not be so hot when the reality sets in. For starters, it’s likely illegal in most states to have sex in public places. This means if some nosey passerby catches you and calls the police, you could get arrested for public indecency or indecent exposure. To avoid this, you can try to find a secluded area away from the main park where it’s more unlikely that people will wander by.

Other good spots include a private park where there’s a gazebo or some other secluded spot that is blocked off from street view and a secluded dead-end road. If you’re in the mood for some kinky adventures, a beach is another great option. The sand and water are great for sensual play, and the lack of crowds will give you lots of privacy.

It’s best to plan ahead with your car sex, so you know where the safest and most secluded spots are. Then you can hit the road with your partner and enjoy a little adventure on the go. This is a great way to add some excitement to your relationship or to make the most of being on vacation and away from home.

High School

Car sex is great for people who need a little extra thrill in their life. Usually, people who like to have car sex are looking for a quickie. However, some couples love the idea of spiced up romance in their parked car. It can be a great way to bring back the fire in your relationship.

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It might feel like a scene from an old horror movie, but humping it out in the back seat isn’t something that’s just for teens anymore. According to a new study, more and more young adults are bringing back the joy of humping in their parents’ cars.

The best part is that it’s not illegal if you’re discreet. You won’t get caught if you keep your car doors closed and make sure no one is around to see what you’re doing. However, if you want to be on the safe side, try using a car with tinted windows and have your partner in the passenger seat. This will reduce the risk of them waking up to find that you’re both naked with their penis in the air.

Other places you can use to have a bit of fun include abandoned beaches, public parks and even business parking lots. Just make sure you’re quiet and on the lookout for anyone coming underneath to grab their cars!

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