Daddy Dom, Little Girl

Daddy Dom, Little Girl is a common BDSM dynamic. It is a form of age play that is based on power exchange and care. It can be sexual or non-sexual.

A little is an adult who regresses to their childlike state and acts like a child in a mutually agreed upon relationship. They are submissive to their Big and submit to punishments for childish misdeeds.


DDLG, also known as Daddy Dom little girl, is a kink that involves a relationship between a Daddy and a Little. This type of kink can include sex but is often non-sexual and used for psychological and therapeutic purposes. It is sometimes referred to as age play or regression therapy and it can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Unlike BDSM, this kink does not necessarily involve sex. Instead, the DDLG relationship is based on the concept of ageplay. The Daddy Dom takes on a dominant role while the Little acts in a more childlike manner. They can even roleplay as toddlers or teenagers.

The Daddy Dom can take care of the Little in a similar way that a parent would, which is why DDLG is sometimes called Mommy Dom/Little or MDlb. This is not incest or pedophilia, but a loving and respectful relationship between consenting adults. DDLG is not for everyone, but it can be an amazing outlet for some people. It is also a great way to build trust with your partner.

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ABDL is an acronym for “Adult Baby Diaper Lover” and it is a form of BDSM roleplay where the dominant partner plays a caring or strict caregiver and their submissive partner acts like a child. This type of play is also known as ageplay. Some people who enjoy ABDL fantasies do so for sexual gratification, while others do it to relive or change their childhood or as a coping strategy. ABDL enthusiasts often have fetishist interests in diapers, and some even get excited by the smell of faeces or urine in their nipples.

There are many different kinks and fetishes that fall under the ABDL umbrella, including bondage, foot fetishes, and a variety of types of ageplay. Some are well-known, while others fly under the radar. One kink that has been growing in popularity is DDLG, or Daddy Dom Little Girl. It’s a type of BDSM that involves a male Dom playing the parental role and a female submissive acting as the child. DDLG is a great way to explore a new area of kink and fetish, and it can be highly rewarding for both participants.

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CG/l is a form of Big/little dynamic that features one partner acting as the caregiver and the other taking on childlike qualities. This type of kink often involves role play and power exchange, but can be sexual or non-sexual. A common kinky CG/l relationship is a Daddy Dom/little girl (DDLG), but the roles can be reversed to suit each person’s needs.

Caregiver/little relationships can be monoamorous or polyamorous, and can feature any gender or orientation. They also can be short-term or long-term and can involve a wide age range from infant to adolescent. However, a little should not be confused with an immature person who engages in sexual regression during physically intimate activities or seeks to obtain kinky or BeDeeSeM relief. Instead, most adult bodies naturally experience hormonal fluctuations and need periodic physically intimate relief.


Age play is a popular kink that features a mix of childlike innocence and naughty sexual curiosity. It can be done in a completely platonic way or as a more intense fetish. While it can be a fun and satisfying experience for everyone involved, it’s important to remember that this is a serious kink and should always be done with full consent from all parties.

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It typically involves a Big/little dynamic, where the Dom takes on a parental role and the Little plays the part of someone younger. This can be anything from an infant to a teenager. In more extreme cases, an adult may even take on a baby or elderly role.

Non-sexual ageplay can be used to explore different aspects of one’s personality, such as performing innocence or relaxing through regression. It can also be used to build trust and create a deeper connection with your partner. However, it’s important to note that you should never engage in any type of ageplay with an intoxicated or mentally unfit person. It is also important to agree on a safe word ahead of time so that you can stop the activity immediately if needed.

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