How to Have Sex by Yourself

Having sex by yourself can be a fun and exciting experience. It also helps you to figure out what turns you on and what doesn’t, which can be helpful in boosting your confidence in bed with a partner.

To get started, try stroking your clitoris with your fingers and see how that turns you on. You can also use lube to intensify the sensations.


Masturbation is touching the parts of your body that you find sexually attractive or turn on. This includes the clitoris, labia, breasts, and anus. It’s a healthy way to explore your body, and it can help you reach orgasms quicker – This resource comes from the service’s editorial team You can practice masturbation by yourself or with a partner.

If you’re having trouble controlling your masturbation, it could be a sign that you need professional help. A therapist who specializes in sex therapy can teach you how to overcome your problem and develop healthier coping mechanisms. They can also help you identify if there’s an underlying issue such as depression or anxiety that might be contributing to your masturbation problem.

A therapist can also suggest self-sexual activities to replace your old masturbation habits. For example, if you tend to masturbate when bored or stressed out, try to spend more time with friends and family members instead. This will keep you from relying on your body to feel pleasure and will strengthen your connection with the people who matter most to you. It will also reduce your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to a decrease in sexual satisfaction and orgasms.

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If you have trouble figuring out how to get turned on by yourself, consider trying a masturbation app like Dipsea, which offers guided arousal “meditations.” You can also try listening to erotic podcasts or reading sexy literotica. Just be sure to choose material that’s appropriate for your age and body type.


Fingering is a great way to get a feel for your vulva, and can be very pleasurable. The clitoral hood and the G-spot are the most commonly known pleasure centers for vulva owners, but each person is different and will respond to stimulation in other areas. Experiment with different motions, speeds, and pressures to find what feels good for you.

It’s recommended to start with a clean hand, and be sure to use lubricant as needed. It’s also important to be in a private space and not be disturbed during your fingering session.

Practicing self-pleasure with your hands is great for masturbation, and can lead to intense orgasms. It’s also a very useful skill to have, especially when you’re in a relationship and need to know how to stimulate your partner and reach orgasm.

When you’re playing with your vulva or a partner, be sure to communicate what feels good and ask for input. This is the best way to make sure that both of you are enjoying your hand play sessions.

When fingering others, try to maintain a rhythm, and use alternating hands if one isn’t feeling as hot. A good rhythm will help build up pleasure to a point of orgasm, and is something to strive for. It’s also a great idea to use toys for additional manual stimulation and added pleasure.

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Sex Toys

There is a whole world of sexual toys available to add extra sensation to your masturbation. Some are gender specific and some are designed with couple sex in mind.

If you’re new to sex toys or if you’re bringing them into your relationship, it’s important to communicate with your partner first to see what they feel comfortable with. This will help prevent any surprises in the bedroom or issues later on.

Many people discover that one side of their vulva is more sensitive than the other. Toys like clitoral suction toys can be a great way to explore this and are a favourite for many women. They create a pleasurable tension that can be increased at your will and are also water proof so you can use them in the bath too.

Other sex toys can be used for internal masturbation and include vibrators that fit inside your orifices to stimulate the vulva and labia. You can find a variety of external orgasm toys too, including feather ticklers and handcuffs. Just be sure to wash your toys after each use and always remember to use a condom if you’re sharing or letting someone else try them out too. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that your pleasure preferences may change as your hormones and emotions fluctuate.

Getting Started

You are the only person who knows exactly what arouses you. If you’re not sure how to get started, try reading erotica or watching porn for ideas. It can be helpful to start with stroking and fingering until you feel ready to begin penetration. And remember that you don’t have to do it all in one session, and if you don’t like something, you can stop.

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One of the best things you can do to help yourself feel more connected to your body and eroticism is to masturbate. This is an amazing way to learn what feels good, and you can practice your technique with a partner later.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try playing with some new sex toys. It’s important to keep your lubricant on hand (especially if you’re using a clitoral stimulator) and to wash the toys after use.

You may need to find a private spot to masturbate if you live with roommates or have children. A bathroom or bedroom are ideal locations, but it’s also a good idea to find a place that you can be comfortable alone, especially if you haven’t done it before. You can even invite your partner to join you for a solo masturbation session. They can even give you pointers, which is super sexy. Just be sure to communicate clearly and check in with each other about what’s working and what isn’t.

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