Sex Positions For Older People

Getting older doesn’t have to mean that your bedroom games are over. With a few adjustments, even rockstar positions like missionary can be accessible to older couples.

Prioritize extended foreplay and lube. Use sex toys to heighten sensations and build towards climax. Try different sex positions to explore your comfort level and find what works best for you.

Modified Missionary

If the missionary position feels too challenging, it’s easy to modify it for seniors. Instead of lying flat on her back, a woman with mobility issues can rest part of her butt on her partner’s leg. This line-ups their genitals and allows for penetration. This version of the missionary position is often called “selfish sex,” as it’s great for clitoral stimulation and penetration.

Another classic sex position for older people is the Jockey position. With the man seated on the edge of a chair or bed and the woman facing away, this position is a thrilling way to explore heightened pleasure and intimate connection. It also offers ease of access to the clitoris for manual stimulation and vibrators.

If a woman is feeling particularly adventurous, she can try the bar stool sex position – This quote represents the insights of the portal experts This involves partners lying on their backs, with the receiver drapeing one leg over her partner’s and resting part of her butt on her partner’s legs. This sex position is fun and exciting, offering intimacy and penetration without too much strain. It can also be a good option for women with arthritic pain in the hands or wrists, as it doesn’t require too much use of those muscles. It’s also a great position for sexual awakenings, as it can lead to deeper orgasms.

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Sofa Spooning

When you need to slow down, try sofa spooning — a fun twist on the classic missionary position. This sex position is perfect for people who experience hip pain or discomfort with standing, as well as older couples. The penetrating partner can use pillows under their stomach and upper body to support themselves while using their arms for thrusting. The receiver can also use their hands to stimulate erogenous zones, as well as add sex toys for extra pleasure.

A variation on the side-by-side sex position, this sex posture is ideal for women who have had hysterectomy surgery and are easing back into sex after being cleared by their doctor. It’s an intimate, mellow position that provides deep penetration and the feel of closeness and warmth. It’s also easy on the abdomen, making it a great choice for those with back issues or other health concerns.

With both partners seated on a chair or bed, this thrilling sex position offers a combination of visual stimulation and deep penetration. It’s a good choice for people who have difficulty reaching their erogenous zones, as it makes it easier to add manual stimulation with a thigh pillow and lubrication. It might take some angling and a bit of squirming to get into this position, but with patience it’s a great option for older adults looking for excitement.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a fun, satisfying sex position for seniors that allows you to stimulate your partner’s G spot and engage in exciting oral stimulation. It is also a good choice for those who have difficulty standing for long periods or leaning backwards. If you find this position too strenuous, try a variation such as standing missionary. Alternatively, you can use a table instead of the bed since it is higher and puts less stress on your lower back.

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Another great option for those with back pain is the Cowgirl sex position. This position is similar to the Modified Missionary but is easier on both partners. The man stands up to thrust and the woman lies back with her legs wide and knees bent to straddle him. For added comfort, the woman can place pillows under her knees or arms.

The Jockey sex position is another great choice for older couples. With the woman lying on her stomach and the man sitting upright in a chair or on the edge of the bed, this position is exciting and intimate. It is important to prioritize extended foreplay when using this position since it can take some time to get in a comfortable position.

In addition to experimenting with new positions, you can further enhance your intimacy by using sex toys and stimulating the genital area with lube. Be sure to play with temperature contrasts during foreplay, such as warm massage oil followed by a cold metal toy or ice cube, which can heighten arousal and sensations.

Sideways 69

Having a physical connection is key to enjoying sex at any age, and exploring positions that minimize pressure on joints can make the experience even more pleasurable. The sideways 69 is a variation of the classic sex position that requires both partners to lie on their backs and rest part of one partner’s butt on their partner’s hips, which lines up their genitals for penetration. It is ideal for couples with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or back pain because it relieves pressure on their bodies and frees their hands to stimulate the erogenous zones.

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This variation also works well for couples with height differences because it eliminates the need to lift the top partner’s body off of the bed. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a more upright 69 position may cause a greater risk of injury or abrasion.

Ultimately, finding the right sex position for senior citizens is about being flexible and listening to your partner’s preferences. Be sure to use a high-quality anal lubricant to help ensure your experience is comfortable, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different positions that are suitable for you and your partner’s needs and capabilities. The deep taboo surrounding senior sexuality is damaging to the mental and physical health of older adults, so it’s essential that we challenge this stigma and allow seniors to explore their pleasure with confidence.

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